Advisory Services


Timing and Opportunity

The rules are forever changing in today’s complicated business environment. Previous ways of thinking and the usual assumptions are no longer applicable.

In this turbulent world, you want to partner with a firm that provides clarity, insight, and experience to assist you in constructing a new approach. We are your partners who will help you and your clients prosper in this economic climate.

Your Adviser, Your Partner

Corporate Forensics Advisory professionals collaborate with clients to design cost effective strategies for maximizing value. Our comprehensive approach assures a seamless transition, combining all areas of expertise in maximizing effective operations and solutions. We find that transition teams are able to resolve issues and facilitate enhanced synergy among specialists, staff, and management, because of our strategic focus on evaluation and operations.

We bring the following to our transactional services:

  • Extensive management and restructuring experience
  • Seasoned expertise in financial management and operations
  • Transaction advisory services which are well suited for corporations, lenders, and equity sponsors
  • Capital Markets advisory services including attracting additional investors, preferred equity, and or new or restructure existing bank financing

Due Diligence

We bring an integrated team of experts to the buy-side of a transaction, maximizing value, and performing due diligence in these key areas:

  • Business plan assessment, including strategic assessment and evaluation of risks and opportunities
  • Detailed analysis of profitability, liabilities, balance sheet, revenue, cash flow, EBITDA
  • Review of contract and negotiations on an ongoing basis
  • Capital expenditures and liquidity requirements

We bring to the sell-side identification of issues and analysis from the buyer perspective. We develop solutions that bring value to our clients and support management with the following:

  • Diligence analysis from a buyer perspective
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Total team integration with all advisers
  • Post closing services

Post acquisition, we preserve the anticipated value and returns through the following:

  • Interim management with transition
  • Carve-out services
  • Post-closing purchase price adjustment and purchasing process improvement
  • Performance improvement