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Companies that look forward and react early to challenges are the ones that succeed in today’s business environment. This is not easy, especially considering the turbulent financial markets we face today.

Corporate Forensics Advisory has a rich history of helping companies meet the challenges of tough times. Our wide variety of experience in a varied array of industries necessitates that we are results oriented and focused on implementation. We value results, not just reports.

Although businesses are different, we have learned that most turnarounds have several things in common. We have developed a proven formula that enables our clients to quickly and effectively execute:

  • Rollups and mergers, and unrealized synergies
  • Debt obligations that are time sensitive for companies that are highly leveraged
  • Significant industry changes
  • Major declines in margins and sales
  • Drains on the parent company by subsidiaries
  • Post merger integration


Private equity is facing unprecedented challenges. The loss of available credit for businesses has made sales of portfolio companies impossible, and slowed lending to a standstill. The client is left without the funding to improve companies and close new deals.

The solution is Corporate Forensics Advisory targeted approach to the operations of under-performing portfolio companies. An aggressive strategy that focuses on value and operational efficiency, across portfolio companies enables our clients to achieve the desired return.

We assist you with a careful attention to commercial due diligence, whether you need a comprehensive response or an answer in 24 hours. We provide equity sponsors with the resources, talent, and experience to focus on turning around a troublesome portfolio company and producing improved results.

Our preliminary assessment includes market evaluation, assessment of the company’s operations and attractiveness, and a thorough evaluation of the transaction. This comprehensive commercial due diligence helps you identify problems, threats, opportunities, and assess the business’s viability. We also review the business plan and potential for improvement and exit strategies.

We work with our clients to overcome the odds, teaming the right people together and addressing the key issues and earnings. Corporate Forensics Advisory also has a great deal of experience in strategically maximizing the selling price of portfolio companies.

Our capabilities in this vital area include:

  • Support for identification of potential buyers
  • P&L improvement
  • Support for management sales presentations
  • Development of rationale and exit story


Today’s pressure on all segments of the financial markets is unprecedented. Your own efficiency and your ability to navigate the changing environment has to be top notch. Creditors are facing more customers who are uncertain about their business future and financing options that are slim to none.

Advisor to Lenders

Lenders and creditors face exceptionally complex issues. Workouts require a thorough understanding of how business works, as well as the very best analytical and negotiating skills and financial acumen.

Our broad experience with restructuring is vital to helping creditors appreciate a business’s viability and success factors. We are highly skilled financial professionals who bring quick and accurate assessment to a company, and develop solutions for maximum recovery.

Corporate Forensics Advisory offers a powerful set of capabilities to help secured lenders, including:

  • Evaluation of business plan and improvements
  • Verification of data accuracy and projections
  • Transaction analysis
  • Investigation of financial reporting and accounting

Turnaround consultant to borrower

Sometimes the best course of action for lenders and creditors is to recommend an expert turnaround consultant to a borrower in distress. Corporate Forensics Advisory provides a wealth of experience and sound judgment, which will facilitate a turnaround to stronger financial performance.

Our capabilities for assisting borrowers include:

  • Management of cash, and liquidity generation
  • Improved reporting, business plan development and financial projections
  • Stabilizing day to day operations
  • Interim Management for the workout


Corporate Forensics Advisory is well known among lawyers by reputation, but few truly know our full capabilities. We support a variety of legal practices, including mergers & acquisitions, litigation, investigations, and our specialty, corporate turnaround. Our objective is to assist you in achieving the best possible results for your clients. We are experienced legal consultants and provide thorough forensic accounting services.