Corporate Investigation


Timing and Opportunity

In this fast moving information age, electronic files and digital information is abundant and available. Turning the data into information that can be compiled, accessed, analyzed and clearly presented is critical, especially when you are involved in litigation or forensic analysis.

Your Advisor, Your Partner

You need a wise and astute partner who can make a difference in high-priority cases. Your partner needs the skill, thoroughness, and mind frame of an auditor, and the alert perseverance of a risk manager. As financial and litigation professionals, we use the most advanced technology accompanied by our vast knowledge and deep expertise.

Our experts work directly with counsel. This facilitates getting all the facts, data, and information that is necessary for you, so that you can concentrate on building your case.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Forensic Analysis
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Bankruptcy Management Services
  • Corporate Information Management Services
  • Communications Services