George W. Mahoney

George Mahoney has a distinguished background as a financial manager and Certified Public Accountant. He has served on a team that developed seven branches of a Savings and Loan in South Florida, which was sold to Bank of America in 1990 after a successful conversion to a Bank Charter. He then joined a Labor Leasing company that had a presence in multiple states. This company had troubled banking relationships. He stabilized the banking relationships, restructured the loan, and successfully sold non-performing assets. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited by a Radiology group to develop outpatient diagnostic centers utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology. After developing 17 centers in multiple states, George had a major role in selling the company to a publicly traded holding company, and became part of the acquiring firm.

George has been an independent financial consultant since 1998, working with various types of businesses. He has also continued his involvement with outpatient center development for diagnostic imaging centers. He has more than 20 years experience as Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer of Public and Privately held Companies, as well as serving as a Board Member.

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