Stanley Repetta

Stanley Repetta is a senior consultant with over twenty five years experience, specializing in technical architecture design, security, implementation of enterprise class networks and applications, databases and subsystems including but not limited to OS/390 DB2, Unix Oracle and PeopleSoft systems. Prior, Stanley held manager, director, EVP and CIO level positions focusing on Technical architecture, Systems Integration, Systems Evaluation, Network and Telecommunications, Disaster Recovery, Contract Negotiations, Acquisitions, and Data Security. Mr. Repetta spent 10 years as Director of Technical Architecture and New Technologies for S.I.A.C. (Securities Industries Automation Corporation). S.I.A.C. was a wholly-owned joint subsidiary of the New York and America Stock Exchanges responsible for architecture, application development, operations for both Exchanges as well as NSCC (National Securities Clearing Corporation), GSCC (Government Securities Clearing Corporation). S.I.A.C. also worked on development of Trading Exchanges for other countries. Prior to joining S.I.A.C. Mr. Repetta worked for a consulting firm specializing in developing Trading Applications for major Brokerage firms. Mr. Repetta has extensive experience in activities related to auditing Internal Controls and Processes, External Data Exchanges, Operations, Applications and Data Acquisition for Statistical Reporting and Audit Purposes. Mr. Repetta has experience overseeing internal audits, external, SEC audits and other Regulatory agencies.

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