Why CorpForensics



We are a highly focused firm with professional’s who specialize in financial transactions for mid-sized companies, their stakeholders, lenders, and their creditors who have successfully performed financial restructuring and turnarounds, insolvency and bankruptcy, debt and equity capital-raising, buying or selling a business, and managing litigation risk.


Our partners and professionals are seasoned, experienced financial practitioners who have run businesses in all phases of economic cycles. We do not staff our assignments with inexperienced professionals, no matter what their education level. A partner who takes a direct, hands-on leadership approach leads every assignment. We have saved dozens of companies that were on the edge of being sold or liquidated, and protected stakeholder equity.


Our professionals dig deep to research the critical facts that makes the between success and failure. Nothing escapes us.


Our team develops objective, unbiased insights that clarify complex business and financial situations that make the decision making process simpler which allows for action to be taken quickly when timing is critical.


We understand personal ownership and stakeholders concerns that are not considered by lenders investors.

Track Record

In today financial environment traditional methods most often do not work or do not favor the clients needs. We have a proven track record of innovating solutions when this happens. We complete our assignments.